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Yesterday I saw two rainbows on my way home from church. Today I saw a rainbow on my way to meet Joseph and grocery shop.

Here’s hoping I get a rainbow baby this cycle. Tested out the trigger today 9dpo. I may not test tomorrow, or I may.

Feeling hopeful, but also getting nervous that I’ll be crushed this cycle.

So I’m a crazy.

I had two baby showers this weekend. I loved seeing my friends today at the baby shower, but they started talking about how crazy it is that meth addicts have babies, or one lady works at a hospital and she said after giving birth she went out to smoke pot in the parking lot. And all I could think was those ladies get babies and I don’t Sad smile. actually, that frowny face isn’t quite large enough. But whatever. So. this morning I posted a picture of my peesticks. Then I actually played around with them in gimp. and…<DON’T JUDGE ME!!!> normally I’m not one for intense tweaking. Just inverting and such, but I played with the “thresholds” tool, which it starts off completely white and as you slide it over it start putting in black the darkest colors. so I slid it over, all the control lines showed up first, then the top test line, then third test line, then second, and fourth, then fifth, then…seventh, then sixth! WHAT WHAT?!?! I know it doesn’t mean anything yet, but maybe tomorrows will be darker? Here is the untweaked pic again.triggershot8dpo

And tweaked:triggershot8dpotweakedSee how the test inbetween hasn’t even showed up? Maybe maybe?

\Testing out the trigger

So yesterday was crazy, as I was at a baby shower from 2-8:30. So I wasn’t able to post a picture. But todays picture has Saturdays (6dpo) and today’s (7dpo)WP_20131117_003

So yesterday and todays are BARELY there. But is todays lighter or the same? Maybe even darker?! I starting to get my hopes up. Both were taken with first morning urine. AND…I think I maybe actually 8dpo. Here me out.

36 hours after my trigger was 8am Sunday Morning. So 1 dpo was from 8am Sunday-Monday. 2dpo Monday-Tuesday, 3dpo Tuesday-Wednesday, 4dpo Wednesday-Thursday, 5dpo Thursday-Friday, 6dpo-Friday to Saturday, 7dpo Saturday-Sunday, and now(and for the peestick which was done at 8:30 am Sunday morning) I’m 8dpo. The only reason I’m figuring all this out, is for implantation purposes. According to, when I plug in my information, I get this.


So if in fact today I am 8dpo, I have already had an 8% chance of implantation. If I haven’t implanted, there is a great chance I will in the next three days. So, if this trigger shot doesn’t go away completely, but instead starts getting darker, I’M GOING TO FLIP! In the best way possible.

I have another baby shower today. So yay for that.

Testing out the trigger 4 dpo

I’m 4 dpo, 6 dpt.WP_000837

Still there but much fainter. Hopefully it’ll be out by Sunday, then the real testing can start.

I also wanted to share this funny picture. Every now and then on pinterest something will line up just perfectly. Haha.funnypinterest

Tonight I have snacks for our small group. So today I mixed up two different types of cookies. Plain ole sugar cookies, and a low carb Best Christmas Cookies. I didn’t roll them in pecans very well. In fact, I basically set them in pecans, so only one side of the cookies have the pecans on them, but they’re still super yummy. I also made a sugar cookie glaze.WP_000839 

I volunteered my younger sister to make cookies for our brothers fiancé’s shower on Saturday. Its monster themed, so I looked EVERYWHERE for a monster cookie cutter, but couldn’t find any reasonably priced for sale, so I made my own out of a foil pan. I found a tutorial through pinterest. The finished cookie is below. But today I practiced making the glaze, we’ll make it in all different colors, then we’re going to add these little premade monster eye candies and they’ll be monster cookies. Hopefully.


1 dpo…

I am 1 dpo today. I have a long ways to go. I said I’d wait til Wednesday to POAS, but you better believe I couldn’t resist. It was super bittersweet. I couldn’t help but think about how badly I wanted this test to be on 13dpo… but whatever.

I have two baby showers this weekend.

My friend C is having a little girl in December. We are having a mother daughter shower for her on Sunday. So I put together, with my mothers help a diaper changing basket. I made three burp cloths, and a diaper changing pad. then we stuffed in diapers, wipes, and butt cream.WP_000823


Saturday my younger brother’s fiance is having a shower. My sweet niece Charlotte is due January 6th. So here is a snap shot of the gifts I have so far. The white thing with red polka dots is a homemade Muslin receiving blanket. I did one with red polka dots in fabric paint, and one just plain white. I know it may not be as cute as those by Aden & Anais but they were MUCH cheaper.WP_000826

I made  a Where the wild things are onesie that says “I’ll eat you up I love you so” I did this using a freezer paper stencil. I Found a pair of grey leggings at Target on clearance so I purchased those to go with it.

V__67F3 (1)

Then yesterday, I went to JoAnns for one thing, but all of their flannel was on sale, so naturally I purchased a ton. I made these burp cloths(R&B have called the baby little monster, so that’s where the monsters come in.WP_000821

Then I made a diaper changing pad. It has the monster on the outside, and two pockets on the inside for diaper and cream storage. (right: folded up, middle: outside, left: inside(with blue pockets.))



And testing out the trigger got me this today. UGH! If only this was 2 weeks from now…WP_000827