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Pessimistically hopeful.

That is me. Or optimistically doubtful. Either way, most of me is thinking this month is a no, but this tiny inkling of hope is hoping it’s a yes. Only time will tell. And I’m evenly split between wanting time to hurry, dreading when it gets here. I pee’d on an OPK this morning, the second line was faint. I’m guessing my trigger is out of my system.

4 days left til testing.

Urge to pee.

I have an urge to POAS. I’m 6-8dpo.(Have I discussed this?) and I think I’m going to pee on an OPK, and see if that’ll alleviate the need.


6-8dpo. I really feel like I have have ovulated before I triggered. Well, actually the day I triggered. I know I posted my OPKS, I stupidly didn’t take one on Tuesday, just Wednesday(and only one in the evening) and Thursday, which I then triggered Thursday night. But I had ewcm and cramping Thursday day. so…if I ovulated before the trigger, I’m 8dpo, if I didn’t, I’m only 6dpo. Either way, I’m going to go from the trigger, because I won’t be testing too early.

I’ve been stabbed…opinions?

Joseph just stabbed me for my final time this cycle. I am so thankful for an understanding husband who is so delicate with these shots. Seriously, I married the right man!

Also, any opinions on these opks? The middle two are obviously  lighter, but what about the top and bottom?WP_001053


So my RE “Trigger Thursday around 6pm, unless you go earlier than that, but I’d still trigger anyways, just to be sure. And I wouldn’t mess around with LH kits.”

So naturally, yesterday I pee’d on an OPK. I noticed some fertile looking cm, so I wondered.

Let’s all take a moment to rejoice in my fertile looking cm! WOOOO!

So I took an OPK yesterday, early evening, around 5. It was not positive, but it was definitely close. So I took another one this morning, it looked about the same, maybe a bit lighter, but I’m chalking that up to different concentrations of urine(this mornings was practically clear.) I will take another this afternoon, and trigger this evening no matter what. But I’m just hoping that my follicles continue growing until a bit more. I know I’ts just me being greedy. I am so thankful that Femara/Letrazole gave me two follicles, of good size, and so thankful for my RE who is willing to do “booster HCG” shots so they don’t quit growing. And thankful for my amazing husband who has to stab me in the stomach, and bd on demand. And so thankful for everything.

I praying for both these follicles to take. But God’s plan is one, I will be overjoyed. And if His plan is none, I will be overjoyed. My joy comes from Him, not a pregnancy.

Follicle Scan

Today I had my follicle exam, it was at 2:30, and Joseph was unable to come today, but that was fine because there was no bad news. In fact, all good news. To start off…my lining was 8.1mm! Holy cow! Every follicle scan I’ve had has my lining at less than 7. My doctor always says it’ll fluff up from then until the trigger, so it’ll likely be over 7mm(under 7mm and your chances of implanting decrease.) But DAYS before ovulation and I’m at an 8.1. She actually told me I can stop the estrogen.

Also, we could see my cervical fluid on the ultrasound. This is something that we have never been able to see(because I didn’t have any) but I am so thankful for my cervical fluid!

And…we have two follicles, one on each side, measuring 19.5, and 18. Last cycle, if you recall, all but one of my follicles WAY slowed down the growth, and she didn’t want that to happen this time, so she gave me two 200iu HCG shots to boost the growth. I took one tonight(well, Joseph gave me one tonight) and will take another tomorrow. Then on Thursday, I will trigger, and ovulate Saturday. She told me to bd every other day starting today. Normally we try and bd everyday for three days after I trigger, but this time, we’ll do every other day.

I know that our chances are super slim this cycle, but it does make me feel good that everything looks good. Lining, mucus, and follicles. I feel like this is our best chance yet.

Clomid out…letrazole in.

I went to my baseline ultrasound yesterday, and there were no cysts for me! Woo. That doesn’t meant I don’t have lots of follicles, I have lots of those, but no cysts, so we will be medicating this cycle. She was a bit concerned with what to do because last cycle on clomid (150, 100, 150, 100, 150) I produced 6 follicles, then 2 days later all but one had stalled. so cd 11, I had follicles measuring 18, 16, 15, 15, 14, and 13. Then two days like on cd13, the 18 was now a 26, the 16 was an 18, a 15 was an 18, and the rest were about the same. So even though I had three ovulatable eggs(ovulatable, yep that’s a word) the was definitely the dominant one.

So her concern was that she would have never guessed I would have gone from two eggs on 100 mg, to having 6 on cd11, to having 1-3 on cd 13. So she wasn’t sure what to do. Up the clomid because we’d like the eggs closer in size? keep it the same because we don’t want to risk having 6 ovulatable?

Also my lining on cd11 was a 5.8, on cd13 it was a 6.7. The odd of a successful pregnancy decrease if your uterine lining is below a 7. And each egg you produce(mind you I had 6 total, 3 mature) is supposed to help fluff up your lining, and I was on an estrogen patch which was supposed to help as well. But my lining was still taking a hit.

So with that being said she switched us to letrazole(femara.) Letrazole is actually a breast cancer drug so its used off prescription for infertility. Sometimes insurance won’t cover letrazole, but thankfully ours does. I am taking 7 mg cd4-8. I will start the estrogen patch on cd9, go in for my follicle scan cd11, likely triggering cd11-cd13, with progesterone suppositories (200mg) 3dpo til 14dpo.

Joseph and I had always said we’d finish out clomid, meaning we’d do 6 medicated cycles. Since we weren’t able to continue on with clomid, we are planning to do two medicated cycles on letrazole, and take a from March 2014-January 2015 still. Just a different drug.

Christmas Gifts

Joseph’s gave me my trigger shot this morning at 6:30. It hurt a very slight amount, but is sore still now. But He’d did an amazing job!

Both the districts I work for had a snow day today. So I decided to get my Christmas gifts done. For my sisters and in-laws I bought a cute fleece from target (black Friday it was $10!)

 C9 by Champion® Women's Microfleece Cowl Neck Tunic - Assorted Colors

But any ways, I embroidered their monogram on the back like this

So I made five of these today. And made 7 embroidered key fobs.

And I’ve got chicken veggie soup cooking. Over all super productive day.

Check out my To do before December 22nd list. WP_000883

And here’s our tree with gifts underneath.WP_000882

You may be thinking there are a lot of bags. That’s because the first year we were married I spent all this time wrapping Joe’s gifts and presented them to him all proudly. And all mine were in the shopping bags. Not like a cute Victoria’s Secret bag, but a lame Wal-Mart plastic bag. So I went out after Christmas and bought a bunch of bags on sale, I have supplemented our stash with Target dollar bags as well, but this way I actually get to open something. Its very selfish.

I plan on knitting a lot these upcoming weeks, and hopefully will be able to finish some stockings(and distract myself through the TWW.) But I just need to buy one more gift and make one more gift. So I feel pretty good.

Guess who’s not cancelled?!?!

THIS GIRL! Everyone’s thoughts and prayers paid off. We have three follicles that will go! WOOO!. We trigger in the morning. Tonight we feast! (On cheese fondue and happiness!)

My RE told me to test Christmas day…praying for a Christmas miracle!