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Week 7 in review: rainbow update

This week has been a bit rough. I have just had a constant feeling of unwellness. My RE gave me some diclegis which I started Friday night. Saturday I was super groggy, but felt fine. Today I took an afternoon nap, but the grogginess was nothing like it was Saturday, and I ate well. Like actually came up with what we should eat, which is the first time in a couple of weeks. I’m finding that I don’t really ever WANT any food, so when I do, Joseph is quick to get it. I do enjoy Sonic Ice water(like always!) but that’s about all. I have stopped taking my baby aspirin because of the hemorrhage, but I’m still on my Prenatal, metformin, and added in a colace stool softener, and diclegis. My ultrasound on Thursday 7w4d showed the baby measuring 7w1d(which she assured me is ok) with a heartbeat of 148. My hemorrhage hasn’t gotten any smaller, so I’m still taking it easy, so Joseph and I decided I would not be watching our friends boys anymore. Just the added stress wasn’t worth it. I also went on an interview this week, and have two job offers for the fall. Joseph and I have been discussing which would be best for our growing family, but the decision doesn’t have to be made until Wednesday, so while we’re 90% certain, I’m going to hold off on declaring anything.

How far along: this update is for 7 weeks

Total weight gain: –5 lbs from prepregnancy

Maternity clothes: No, but I feel like looser belly areas make the nausea seem less.

Sleep: Better now that I am going to bed earlier.

Best moment of this week: Hearing the heart beat at 7 weeks 4 days

Miss anything: Not really.

Size of baby: raspberry

Food cravings/aversions: aversions to EVERYTHING.

Anything making you queasy or sick: The smell of mayonnaise

Have you started to show yet: Just the bloat, and its bad!

Gender: We both think boy now. we’ll know in about 9 weeks!

Labor signs: too early..

Belly button in or out: In, but I can hardly wait for it to be out!

Wedding rings on or off: I’m pretty bad about remember to wear rings, but just because I’m forgettful.

Happy or moody most of the time: Easily Cranky.

Looking forward to: Last ultrasound with the RE 8 weeks 4 day.week8

I am fairly certain that 99.9% of this is bloat from my inability to defecate.

Preparing my heart.

We have our ultrasound this afternoon. I am preparing my heart for all scenarios.

scenario 1. One baby with a strong heart beat.

scenario 2. Two babies two strong heart beats.

scenario 3. One baby, weak or non existent heartbeat.

scenario 4. Two babies, only one viable.

scenario 5. Two babies, neither viable.

these five scenarios I have been praying over for the last week. I have been praying for peace and contentment no matter the outcome. I am still praying for peace and contentment in whichever scenario happens. I am confident that this pregnancy will glorify God.

Third and last beta

Today I had my last beta HCG draw. I got there bright and early this morning. Joseph and I had guess what we thought it would be. Joseph thought it’d be 785, I thought it’d be 835. If it doubled as it should have, it should have been about 870.

They called and it was 1394! Hot dog! Our baby is an overachiever. We are 19dpo or 4weeks 5days. What a wonderful number. Hoping so hard this baby sticks tight. We also scheduled our first ultra sound for 13 days from now. Just under two weeks, I can do this. Thursday May 15th at 3:30pm. Joseph will be going with me.

Follicle Scan

Today I had my follicle exam, it was at 2:30, and Joseph was unable to come today, but that was fine because there was no bad news. In fact, all good news. To start off…my lining was 8.1mm! Holy cow! Every follicle scan I’ve had has my lining at less than 7. My doctor always says it’ll fluff up from then until the trigger, so it’ll likely be over 7mm(under 7mm and your chances of implanting decrease.) But DAYS before ovulation and I’m at an 8.1. She actually told me I can stop the estrogen.

Also, we could see my cervical fluid on the ultrasound. This is something that we have never been able to see(because I didn’t have any) but I am so thankful for my cervical fluid!

And…we have two follicles, one on each side, measuring 19.5, and 18. Last cycle, if you recall, all but one of my follicles WAY slowed down the growth, and she didn’t want that to happen this time, so she gave me two 200iu HCG shots to boost the growth. I took one tonight(well, Joseph gave me one tonight) and will take another tomorrow. Then on Thursday, I will trigger, and ovulate Saturday. She told me to bd every other day starting today. Normally we try and bd everyday for three days after I trigger, but this time, we’ll do every other day.

I know that our chances are super slim this cycle, but it does make me feel good that everything looks good. Lining, mucus, and follicles. I feel like this is our best chance yet.

Guess who’s not cancelled?!?!

THIS GIRL! Everyone’s thoughts and prayers paid off. We have three follicles that will go! WOOO!. We trigger in the morning. Tonight we feast! (On cheese fondue and happiness!)

My RE told me to test Christmas day…praying for a Christmas miracle!


I have great intuition. I knew I was miscarrying when I miscarried. None of this “spotting happens frequently during health pregnancies” crap, my baby was gone. Today my intuition proved right once again. Last post I was talking about how nervous I was that we would have more than three follicles and what that would mean. And for good reason. I have six follicles. 18, 16, 15, 15, 14, and 13. Three in the right, and three on the left. So we are not to have relations if you will until at least Monday. Monday I will go in for another ultrasound. She said there is a possibility the 14 & 13 could drop off, leaving is with four. Which is one more than she would like, but she’d leave it up to us. Here is a chance another could drop off, but as of now it looks like this cycles a bust. Even if they do drop off, chances are by Monday we will be ovulating within a day or so, so usually where we time it to have many days before ovulation, ovulation, and a day or two after covered, we would have missed most of our fertile window. We will def not trigger this cycle so im going to start opks today. Needless to say I’m quite upset knowing that we now only have two cycles left. Prayers for follicles quatre, cinq, and six to drop off are so welcome!

Follow scan…

We are currently in the waiting room at my REs. This is our fourth time coming here, and besides the first, this is the most nervous I’ve been. I’m nervous that I may have too many follicles and she’ll cancel the cycle, which would be devastating because Joseph and I only have two more cycles of clomid. It would be ok obviously, but it would feel like we wasted a cycle. Im sure many of your ladies out there understand what I mean, and hopefully I’m getting ahead of myself.

If not too many follicles, we’ll discuss when to trigger this cycle so Joseph and I can get busy. 😉

Crossfit and TTC.

So today I did a cross fit workout. Amy and I went to try it out with Amy’s friend(who’s a regular) at a local gym. I loved it. I have ran so much in my life, I have coached cross country, but I hate running. I use to love it, but then got injured and have never been able to love it again. I would run, but I would hate it. But this morning, in this bare bones gym with big burly guys, loud music, and bright lights I worked my butt off.

I wasn’t particularly good at anything, and embarrassed myself quite a bit(I couldn’t remember how to jump rope, seriously!? who can’t jump rope?), I fell on my butt while doing the snatch, and looked ridiculous trying to summon the little abdominal strength I have to do toe-to-bars. But I feel great.

They gym in having an open house on Saturday and I’m thinking Joseph and I, after our 9:30am follicle scan (!!!!!), will head out to it. I would like to get a membership, it isn’t bad at all, and no contract, so if we got pregnant and I had to stop, we aren’t out TONS of money.

I am a semi-active person. When I was full time teaching, I would consider myself active. I was on my feet and moving all day, then coaching and running with my runners after work. Now I probably work out, if I’m being honest twice a week. So going from twice a week work outs(where Joseph guilts me into them) to 6 days a week cross fit(3 days on, one day off, repeat) I’m not sure if that’s ok for TTC.

Here are my thoughts

I was active for the first 12 month of TTC, and no baby. That was mainly distance running though.

Cross fit is different from anything I’ve ever done. So my body isn’t used to it. I know exercising helps TTC but is crossfit too much? Obviously I’m going to ask my RE about it Saturday, and I’m still really weak(I’m lifting the bar, alone, no added weights.) Its not like I’m lifting my body weight or anything. Does anybody have expereince with starting cross fit when TTC. I think it is different if you were crossfitting first, and then start TTC because your body is used to it. I think I’ve reached the point that I want a baby, if I can’t have a baby, I want to be fit.

Follicle Scan!!

So this morning I had my follicle scan. I have to say I woke up three different times last night, I just couldn’t sleep because of anticipation. But when it was time to wake up, Joseph and I showered and left the house at 7:30. We stopped by the lab because Joseph had to do some blood work. Then we left for my appt. We got there at 8:40, my appt was fof 9am. On Wednesday my RE has a half day, so they cram in so many patients so apparently she’s always running a bit late on Wednesday. So finally we went back at 9:30 ish. I had my ultrasound, which she used water to lubricate, because the gel lube they have has spermicide in it. She said that she’s had to scoop it out of people who look like they’re getting ready to ovulate! So my lining is 6.4 mm, she said she wants it at 7mm by O, so I’ll keep using estrogen patches til Friday so it’ll keep getting fluffier over the next couple of days. Then came the ovaries.

On my right ovary I could immediately see one big fat follicle. It measured 18mm. She found the next largest one and measured it, it was only 9mm. On my left ovary I had a follicle measure 16mm.

After the ultrasound we talked for a bit in her office. She said she would expect me to get a positive ovulate kit in the next couple of days, but she did give me the trigger shot kit to use on Friday if I haven’t gotten a positive ovulation kit. I am betting I’ll have to use it because I think fertility meds make my body forget to ovulate.

If I ovulate on my own in the next couple of days both the 18mm and 16mm will be released. I’m thinking if I have to trigger on Friday, then that 9mm follie has a chance too. Follicles grow 1-3 mm a day on clomid. So by Friday that 9mm clomid could be 16mm, then apparently the trigger shot “boost” follicle growth, so maybe? I just don’t want to count it out yet.

If I ovulate on my own, I’m suppose to start progesterone suppositories 2 days after O. If I trigger, I’ll start them Tuesday of next week.

The greatest thing about this whole process? Its cd10, and I thinking about ovulating!!! HOLY COW! usually its about 8-10 days until I get to start thinking about ovulating. So this is a huge change.

My OPK from today



Definitely not positive, but I’m on my way!