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So my RE “Trigger Thursday around 6pm, unless you go earlier than that, but I’d still trigger anyways, just to be sure. And I wouldn’t mess around with LH kits.”

So naturally, yesterday I pee’d on an OPK. I noticed some fertile looking cm, so I wondered.

Let’s all take a moment to rejoice in my fertile looking cm! WOOOO!

So I took an OPK yesterday, early evening, around 5. It was not positive, but it was definitely close. So I took another one this morning, it looked about the same, maybe a bit lighter, but I’m chalking that up to different concentrations of urine(this mornings was practically clear.) I will take another this afternoon, and trigger this evening no matter what. But I’m just hoping that my follicles continue growing until a bit more. I know I’ts just me being greedy. I am so thankful that Femara/Letrazole gave me two follicles, of good size, and so thankful for my RE who is willing to do “booster HCG” shots so they don’t quit growing. And thankful for my amazing husband who has to stab me in the stomach, and bd on demand. And so thankful for everything.

I praying for both these follicles to take. But God’s plan is one, I will be overjoyed. And if His plan is none, I will be overjoyed. My joy comes from Him, not a pregnancy.

Guess who’s not cancelled?!?!

THIS GIRL! Everyone’s thoughts and prayers paid off. We have three follicles that will go! WOOO!. We trigger in the morning. Tonight we feast! (On cheese fondue and happiness!)

My RE told me to test Christmas day…praying for a Christmas miracle!


I have great intuition. I knew I was miscarrying when I miscarried. None of this “spotting happens frequently during health pregnancies” crap, my baby was gone. Today my intuition proved right once again. Last post I was talking about how nervous I was that we would have more than three follicles and what that would mean. And for good reason. I have six follicles. 18, 16, 15, 15, 14, and 13. Three in the right, and three on the left. So we are not to have relations if you will until at least Monday. Monday I will go in for another ultrasound. She said there is a possibility the 14 & 13 could drop off, leaving is with four. Which is one more than she would like, but she’d leave it up to us. Here is a chance another could drop off, but as of now it looks like this cycles a bust. Even if they do drop off, chances are by Monday we will be ovulating within a day or so, so usually where we time it to have many days before ovulation, ovulation, and a day or two after covered, we would have missed most of our fertile window. We will def not trigger this cycle so im going to start opks today. Needless to say I’m quite upset knowing that we now only have two cycles left. Prayers for follicles quatre, cinq, and six to drop off are so welcome!

Follow scan…

We are currently in the waiting room at my REs. This is our fourth time coming here, and besides the first, this is the most nervous I’ve been. I’m nervous that I may have too many follicles and she’ll cancel the cycle, which would be devastating because Joseph and I only have two more cycles of clomid. It would be ok obviously, but it would feel like we wasted a cycle. Im sure many of your ladies out there understand what I mean, and hopefully I’m getting ahead of myself.

If not too many follicles, we’ll discuss when to trigger this cycle so Joseph and I can get busy. 😉

Clomid cycle 4, day 4.

100 mg taken at 8:00 pm.

I woke up from several hot flashes through the night and all day today. Had a slight headache this afternoon but nothing too big.  Some minor cramping from my ovaries producing some awesome fat follicles (I’m hoping!) A little bit of dizziness occasionally and some blurred vision. I have glasses, but I quit wearing them during the summer because they would constantly get foggy. Usually on clomid though, I’ll wear them because my vision gets a bit wonky. I’ve taken EPO today, have my last dose of clomid tonight, then will start Robitussin and my estrogen patch tomorrow.

Crossfit and TTC.

So today I did a cross fit workout. Amy and I went to try it out with Amy’s friend(who’s a regular) at a local gym. I loved it. I have ran so much in my life, I have coached cross country, but I hate running. I use to love it, but then got injured and have never been able to love it again. I would run, but I would hate it. But this morning, in this bare bones gym with big burly guys, loud music, and bright lights I worked my butt off.

I wasn’t particularly good at anything, and embarrassed myself quite a bit(I couldn’t remember how to jump rope, seriously!? who can’t jump rope?), I fell on my butt while doing the snatch, and looked ridiculous trying to summon the little abdominal strength I have to do toe-to-bars. But I feel great.

They gym in having an open house on Saturday and I’m thinking Joseph and I, after our 9:30am follicle scan (!!!!!), will head out to it. I would like to get a membership, it isn’t bad at all, and no contract, so if we got pregnant and I had to stop, we aren’t out TONS of money.

I am a semi-active person. When I was full time teaching, I would consider myself active. I was on my feet and moving all day, then coaching and running with my runners after work. Now I probably work out, if I’m being honest twice a week. So going from twice a week work outs(where Joseph guilts me into them) to 6 days a week cross fit(3 days on, one day off, repeat) I’m not sure if that’s ok for TTC.

Here are my thoughts

I was active for the first 12 month of TTC, and no baby. That was mainly distance running though.

Cross fit is different from anything I’ve ever done. So my body isn’t used to it. I know exercising helps TTC but is crossfit too much? Obviously I’m going to ask my RE about it Saturday, and I’m still really weak(I’m lifting the bar, alone, no added weights.) Its not like I’m lifting my body weight or anything. Does anybody have expereince with starting cross fit when TTC. I think it is different if you were crossfitting first, and then start TTC because your body is used to it. I think I’ve reached the point that I want a baby, if I can’t have a baby, I want to be fit.

Clomid cycle 4, day 3.

150mg clomid taken at 9pm.

I had five hotflashes through the night that woke me up. And after a hotflash comes shivering because all my sweat is now freezing with the fans on. So my sleep was terrible last night I also had a bit of a headache as I was falling to sleep. I am substituting for the music teacher here, so I fully anticipate to be crazy hotflashing all day. I’m hoping to go home and take a nap.

Also headaches are something that I frequently get, and I’d always pop and Advil, but that isn’t allowed when ttc, and Tylenol does didily squat for me, so I have started putting an ice pack on my head and it has worked every time.

RE baseline number 2.

So today is cd4, I called cd1 to schedule my baseline ultrasound, hoping for Friday CD 3, but no such luck. So we had our appt today at 12:30. Joseph and I arrive about 12:20 and are in the waiting room. We are probably not people you want to have in your waiting room. We talk quietly, but we talk, and laugh and giggle. I don’t think we are inconsiderate, as I wouldn’t mind if other people were talking, but all the other couples were talking silently. Yes, there were several occasions I could see there mouths move, but never any sound came out. Any who, we were called back, told to strip down from the waist down. I did, the doctor came in and stuck me with the fabulous wand, and lo and behold lots of eggs. Dr asks about my testosterone, I told her its normal(bc she told me it was normal.) then asked about my cycle length, once again normal. Then we had the same discussion about PCOS we have 3 times. How there are three criteria and you have to have two. I only have one. Blah blah, we’ve heard it before. Then we discussed what we’ll do this cycle. She upped my clomid to 150 mg for three days, then 100 mg for the remaining two(she really wants three follicles close in size.) I go in next Saturday for my monitoring scan. We will probably trigger a couple days after followed by some fun timed intercourse. She said its more important for us to have intercourse leading up to the trigger shot. So I imagine we’ll go the day of the ultrasound, then everyday until O, maybe other day. She did say we don’t want to deplete Joseph’s stores. So we’ll see.

Good job was done by all.

I was given a sedative before shots when I was younger. I don’t do well with people stabbing me.

Joseph and I were both nervous for this trigger shot. I was nervous because, well, it’s a shot. Joseph was nervous he was going to hurt me and I would be mad.

At 7:50pm I began icing my belly while reading Catching Fire(rereading before the movie.) At 8:07 pm I hollered for Joseph to come stab me. He came in nervous and a bit giggly. I was not giggly. I wiped my belly with an alcohol swab, told him to stab the reddened area, and looked away. He did. I waited probably 15 seconds and thought it was over so I looked. It wasn’t over. Needle in me! Ah!! It stung a bit when he was actually injecting, but I didn’t feel the needle in or out.

After the needle was out I did freak put a bit and cried. He was sitting on the bed next to me sheathing the syringe, and my stab wound was exposed! We didn’t have a bandaid ready. Not tat it bled much at all, but it’s a comfort thing. And in that moment I felt very uncomfortable.

Overall this wasn’t too bad. I credit my amazing husband who could be a professional stabber.

Bring on ovulation!