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Crossfit and TTC.

So today I did a cross fit workout. Amy and I went to try it out with Amy’s friend(who’s a regular) at a local gym. I loved it. I have ran so much in my life, I have coached cross country, but I hate running. I use to love it, but then got injured and have never been able to love it again. I would run, but I would hate it. But this morning, in this bare bones gym with big burly guys, loud music, and bright lights I worked my butt off.

I wasn’t particularly good at anything, and embarrassed myself quite a bit(I couldn’t remember how to jump rope, seriously!? who can’t jump rope?), I fell on my butt while doing the snatch, and looked ridiculous trying to summon the little abdominal strength I have to do toe-to-bars. But I feel great.

They gym in having an open house on Saturday and I’m thinking Joseph and I, after our 9:30am follicle scan (!!!!!), will head out to it. I would like to get a membership, it isn’t bad at all, and no contract, so if we got pregnant and I had to stop, we aren’t out TONS of money.

I am a semi-active person. When I was full time teaching, I would consider myself active. I was on my feet and moving all day, then coaching and running with my runners after work. Now I probably work out, if I’m being honest twice a week. So going from twice a week work outs(where Joseph guilts me into them) to 6 days a week cross fit(3 days on, one day off, repeat) I’m not sure if that’s ok for TTC.

Here are my thoughts

I was active for the first 12 month of TTC, and no baby. That was mainly distance running though.

Cross fit is different from anything I’ve ever done. So my body isn’t used to it. I know exercising helps TTC but is crossfit too much? Obviously I’m going to ask my RE about it Saturday, and I’m still really weak(I’m lifting the bar, alone, no added weights.) Its not like I’m lifting my body weight or anything. Does anybody have expereince with starting cross fit when TTC. I think it is different if you were crossfitting first, and then start TTC because your body is used to it. I think I’ve reached the point that I want a baby, if I can’t have a baby, I want to be fit.


In July I started eating low carb with my husband. It was fulfilling and satisfying. When we got pregnant, and I increased my carb intake a bit (it was under 30 a day) to more like 60 a day. I did some reading that said you need carbs when pregnant, I don’t know if I exactly believe that. I mean diabetic women get pregnant and they have to continue on their low carb diet. But between July 10th and August 8th (when we found out we were pregnant) I had lost 8 pounds. I felt good. I was up less than 6 pound from when we got married.

Then I miscarried. And I am back up those 8 pounds. So here I am. No day like today to start making changes right? Just have to find the motivation. Headed to the gym… Maybe.

Um…and I broke our scale. not be stepping on it, I kicked it during the night and the digital display broke. So you can really read the tens or ones place. So…All of this is kind of an estimate, and need to buy a new scale. Maybe I’ll try to lose some weight for a couple of weeks before I buy a new one.